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abrogard made a post on edwardslavsquat's substack

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I've cut and pasted abrogard's reply to edwardslavsquat's substack post today.
This one: https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/ ... r-not-good
Link to the comment: https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/ ... t/50282047

arthur brogard
4 mins ago

A few disjointed thoughts:

What we need is memes, slogans, catch phrases, pithy, terse, to the point, memorable, resonating....

To catch the 'sheeple'.

We need elucidation, investigation and relevation of exactly who these 'oligarchs' are and what/where their interests and profit motives are.

We should understand that it could/should be that many global oligarchs have interests on both sides of the dispute and hence want resolution as much or more than we do.

We should stop referring to the dispute as 'Ukraine v Russia' this is a meme and a deception, a falsehood and a propaganda coup for the liars.

It is USA v Ukraine in the first instance. The USA is hurting Ukraine more than anyone; that why 'first instance'.

That would seem to indicate USA oligarchs profiting from that specifically. So then identify, reveal, quantify and publish their profit. Doubtless much of this is in the MIC but maybe not all. Maybe some surprises.

Considering the history it would see clear the Biden's have close financial interests in Ukraine hence it may well be fruitful to discover and reveal just what profits they are making today from all this - I'd incline to think the family would find it impossible to overlook opportunities such as would be presented by the influx of billions to Kiev.

There is one invader in Ukraine and that is Kiev Ukraine invading Donbas. Where they still are. Since 2014. Invaders. Conquerers. Civil war. Prime importance. Needs 'meme - ing' and getting out there.

Though I say there's one invader: Kiev in fact the invader is the USA. The USA (meaning its oligarchal rulers) has invaded, white anted, not only Ukraine but the whole of Europe with the intent to keep it down and profit from it.

The USA is, in fact, at war with the whole world. It has that mind set. I has that attitude. More to the point it performs those actions: look anywhere, any time.

The USA is the problem. Nothing and nowhere else. Only the USA.

This truth cannot be accepted because it is too huge. Too much of a paradigm shift. It's of the order of the earth going around the sun instead of the other way around.

Biggest single problem in the English speaking world is a lack of good English - good enough to describe things accurately.

For instance today in public English the word 'Ukraine' in fact refers only to 'Kiev Ukraine' - and that itself is the USA.

In public English 'Russian' actually refers to the soldiers of Russia and the Donbas Ukrainians who've been fighting for ten years, whose land is invaded and just want the invaders out.

This kind of bad English is not semantic quibble. It represents a propaganda coup of such magnitude that a fair proportion of half a million dead can be laid at its door.

But this 'bad English' comes from the mouths of everyone, most notably all the 'observers' and 'pundits' and 'experts' , public figures and so on. Those the dumb masses have been schooled to look to for advice and information. All misled.

There has been and still is a total lack of any indicated direction the people might follow to improve thing. i.e. there is no 'looking for solutions' any more than there was during the covid debacle.

There is a clear simple correct path for the masses to follow: bug the elected rep ceaselessly demanding they be aware the people want it all to stop and they get up in the chambers and say so. This is never put to them as any kind of procedure at all.

Hence we can see the people are on their own. There is no government help. We all know. That's the very beginning of the problem. But there's no 'community leader' for want of a better phrase, help either. For two years. None. So a first step is to inform the people of this simple fact.

And so on...

We need a central place to begin putting together positive real assessments and descriptions of our reality and finding sensible proposals to deal with it.

Like listing some of the oligarch realities I mentioned.

Like listing discoveries of Biden family profiteering.

Like listing 'bad English' facts such as above.

Like listing reliable good sources of information.

Like allowing for interchange of views.

An assembly area. A focal point. A point of origin. A reference point. Something that is ours.

We are still in the ludicrous situation where our most impassioned 'revealers of the truth' and 'champions of justice', etc. use 'social media' platforms, owned by the media, the oligarchs and the govts they necessarily rail against: and run crying 'foul' when those platform owners de-platform them !

This ineptitude of our 'leaders', our 'betters' or whatever I should call them is staggering. The most astute and scholarly of internet sites devoted to Covid truth was/is Sunetra Gupta's 'collateralglobal.org' ! The most unintuitive name. Totally unfindable by any normal google search for covid or vax facts. And when you get there a coffee table nicely presented sleek and inoffensive site.


In regard to Ukraine we don't even have a 'collateralglobal'. ! Or it is so much like it that I've failed to get to be aware of it. Please tell if you know.

So we need to see the truth and disseminate the truth and have a point or points of focus. Divided we fall and we're totally divided.

So just to put my money where my mouth is I will confess that though I'm totally remiss in just about every aspect - particularly bugging my elected reps which I actually should be the FIRST thing anyone does and am therefore a total hypocrite - I have put up a tiny lame little site call 'ukrainehonesty.com' and have all sorts of plans for it. But have done nothing with it for months. But it is there.

It is even interactive. It has a forum that anyone can join/use for free. And from a quick look just now it appears the spammers haven't found it yet.

Yea. My disjointed thoughts. I hope some sense in them somewhere, of some use to someone. I have been watching this thing from the beginning and I just get sadder and sadder - let's hope we can turn things around...
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