Excellent Scheerpost by Craig Murray

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Excellent Scheerpost by Craig Murray

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Good post here:
https://scheerpost.com/2024/02/22/craig ... n-ukraine/

my comment was:
I just went through it hurriedly so I won’t pretend to know well what it says. But from what i understand I like it and agree with it.
My particular interest is in Ukrainian national identity thing.
Yes, I agree, they have a right to exist as Ukrainians.
But that doesn’t mean they have the right to demand the Donbas Ukrainians forego their right to exist as Donbas Ukrainians, does it?
But that’s what they demanded, do demand, did legislate.

But I didn't see it when I went back so I wrote again. I now think it disappears while being 'moderated' and I'll finish up with two posts there.
they should delete as they wish.
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