My Current List of sites to look at.

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My Current List of sites to look at.

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This is a mess and not at all exhaustive. Sorry. I'm much the same myself. I just wanted to get something posted on the basis that I can then edit and sort out at liesure.

In short what I do nowadays is simply check SITREP in English on Telegram. That just about does it.
Then voenhronika
then dances with bears
then simplicius

I think those are the main. Many that I used to watch/read avidly I've given up on after finally realising they're just telling me the same thing over and over and it is what I want to hear and it is without new evidentiary detail.

Now I branch out more and more into what I now realise is where the true war is - amongst the oligarchs and their paid for politicians. Looking for knowledge there. But here's the list anyway, such as it is, for what it is worth:


there's much in rumble i never think of or look at i think. and getting to be more. and bitchute too. But I have not been in the habit of using them and don't have any links or names to put here right now. But I do think they're getting to be more important than YT.
Got this from military summary. seems he uses them. he seems to use rumble a lot


roloslavsky substack
edwardslavsquat substack
caitlin johnston substack
simplicius substack ... e/comments


patrick lancaster scheerpost
patrick lawrence scheerpost


free russia channel YT
garland nixon YT
HS Mapping YT good for mapping
theti mapping YT
m mapping YT
jeffrey sachs YT
military summary YT
history legends YT
military legends. (a good guy)
deepstate maps (good 'text' map)
theti mapping (gives link to his map)
hs mapping (short, drama music, text windows)
m mapping (music, text boxes, short vids)
weeb union (link to his map and old maps. a good one this. )
the military daily (short drama vids with unrelated clips)
Free Russia Channel (good short vids and links to three map sources he uses ) I like this one.
the maps he quote:
https://xn----7sbaj0b2akkg.xn--p1ai/ i couldn't open this one

komsomolskaya pravda
wargonzo telegram
Dances with Bears
ria novosty - sons of the american revolution. larry johnson posts here

the moscow times. here's a good one about surkov: ... res-a69421

war on the rocks. from 2021. what was seen coming ... logistics/

another one: 'sign of the times' ... ting-State

ukrainska pravda


donbas cowboy colonel cassad rossiya 2

another source: ... raine.html

Another source '' ... ting-State

another source maybe '1945' ... as-failed/

maybe not a ukraine source but a source perhaps of interesting material.. he posted on MoA about his existence
https://library4conciliation.substack.c ... -histories

according to rolo this is the russian substack. i have an account.

dinkum vids about life in russia showing the not-so-good
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