Welcome.  Some facts about the Ukraine thing:

Don't let the way anyone talks make you think this is 'Russia v Ukraine' because it is NOT.

When they say 'Russian' forces they are really referring to 'Ukrainian And Russian' forces.

DONBAS Ukrainians and Russians.
They fight together, side by side.
The Russians helping the Donbas Ukrainians repel the invading Kiev Ukrainians.

The Kiev Ukrainians (those are the ones the Americans call 'the Ukrainians' and the ones who are the invaders, the aggressors, the extremists and the Nazis, the Stefan Bandera (look him up) worshippers, have been occupying Donbas Ukrainian land since 2014.

When they say 'Ukrainian' they just about always mean only the Kiev Ukrainians. This is in line with the lying USA and Kiev narrative which wants you to think there are only two players: Ukraine and Russia. Everyone talks like this. It is a propaganda coup.

No. There are three players:

'North' Ukraine we might call it which is Kiev Ukraine and extremist Ukraine and 'nationalist' Ukraine which is sworn to building a 'pure' Ukrainian State after the style of the Nazis building a 'pure' Aryan German state. The decided to do that by oppressing, re-educating, victimising the Southern, Donbas Ukrainians who traditionally have much Russian connection.

'South' Ukraine we might call it which are the Donbas Ukrainians the North decided to 'ethnically cleanse' and exterminate for the crime of having Russian connections.

And Russia.

Three players. At the centre. And a host of malignant evil manipulators, leeches, provocateurs and profiteers on the side extending from USA to Kiev and encompassing the whole Western world.

Now the Russians are helping the Donbas Ukrainians because someone should and we won't.

We ignored them for eight years and longer and so because they asked and because of the Russian connection and because the whole thing is an attack on Russia anyway after the style of putting missiles in Cuba was an 'attack' on the USA (and we know what the Americans thought of that: they were willing to have a global nuclear war rather than tolerate it).

So okay? 'Russian' when they say it means actually 'Donbas Ukrainians with Russians helping them.

'Ukrainian' when they say it means Kiev Ukrainians only ( and the USA help and the help of every pusillanimous stinking little lapdog of theirs all doing the bidding of their American masters. To the eternal shame of their populations. )

And the Donbas Ukrainians just don't figure in this narrative generally. But they should. Because that's what started it all.

And the fact that the fighting is ALL ON Donbas land that Kiev/USA has invaded generally doesn't figure either.

The fact that there's not one Russian boot on Ukrainian land where it was not invited and welcomed generally doesn't get a mention either.

Just saying. Because without forewarning listening/watching could give you the impression this is simply 'Ukraine' fighting off 'Russian' aggression.

Which is what the evil empire wants you to think. And which is entirely what it is NOT.

If you want to help Ukraine and Ukrainians help bring it to a STOP. Keep Ukrainians - on BOTH sides - ALIVE.

Kiev and Washington want dead bodies. Let them fight each other. The world will be well rid of them.



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