Where to go for information?

There’s tons of video channels showing vids about the ‘Ukraine war’ and lots of sites pronouncing on it, too.

But most of the information is pretty low quality and often simply copies of one site to another, rehashes of what one said, click bait type stuff.

Where to go for some facts and quite precise informative coverage?

Well take a look at Youtube first, I suggest.   If you go to the military summary channel and/or DPR (Defence politics Asia) or similar you’ll see on the thumbnails a map with the frontline clearly marked. Generally the ‘allied side’ (Donbas soldiers and their Russian allies) is in red.

That gives you a quick immediate idea of what’s doing.  After a few days a quick glance shows you if there’s been any changes.

You can watch/listen to a video if you like but its often tedious and doesn’t tell you much more than you can see.

So then you can go to Telegram.  And there are a many many channels in  Russian of interest and a few in English.

Such as:

https://t.me/mod_russia_en    Ministry of Defence, Russia.
https://t.me/AussieCossack    the ‘aussie cossack’ I always look at his offerings.
him.https://t.me/militarywave   a good one for showing what’s what
https://t.me/sitreports   I find this one good.  He collects and collates, provides the  Rybar maps which are good.
https://t.me/rezident_ua  all in Russian but I find it very informative, very goodhttps://t.me/truekpru  another good one in Russian: komsomolskaya pravda which also has a web site and you can get an email feed from them of their new posts in English.
https://t.me/two_majors  an english language channel that gets about a bit.. covers a lot.  good one.
https://t.me/infodefENGLAND  Info defence english.  Another good one.
https://t.me/ukr_leaks_eng  another good one. stuff you won’t see elsewhere

and there are a lot more.

Then there are sites.  There are a number of good commentators,  essayists, on Substack:

Simplicius is a must





Ukraine war. What is it about? Ukraine v Russia ?


It seems that no one knows that the Ukraine war is about.

No one    Not the main stream media, of course, for they ‘know’ nothing, wouldn’ t you agree?  They simply parrot things and the main thing they parrot is what vested interests and the govt tell them to parrot.

But not even the ‘alt media’ – the people scattered all about who put up videos and sites pronouncing on the war and the way things are going etc.  Keeping us ‘up to date’.

Not even them.

And they are the ones we want to trust.

But we can’t.  Why not? How so? Simply because of what they call it:   ‘The Ukraine v Russia’  war.

They talk about it in exactly and precisely those terms:  It is ‘Ukraine advanced here’ and ‘Russia attacked there’.  Constantly.  Never ending.  No variation. For two years now.

See anything wrong with it?

Well consider: how can it be ‘Ukraine attacking’ when it is attacking Ukrainians?

How can it be ‘Russia attacking’ when the soldiers side by side with the Russians are Ukrainians?

All of 2022 the men in the front line trenches were Donbas Ukrainians.

The men who are taking Avdeevka at the moment, who took the waste heap are Donbas Ukrainians from a famous Donbas Unit.

And that’s it:  10 million Donbas Ukrainians are totally ignored, marginalised, forgotten by all sides, all reporters, all observers, all pundits.